Thursday, January 18, 2007

A CAT-astrophe!!

My private little fort has been invaded. MY FORT on the side slope that me and Uncle Rudy made last Thanksgiving. The CAT has moved in. OHMYGAWSH! I barked and barked and barked until my throat was raw, but CAT didn't take kindly to my attempt to evict it. Finally, Mom went to get her camera and, as soon as the CAT saw Mom coming, it left. Mom has that effect on some know what I mean?

CAT jumps through the iron bars and tippy-toes along the top of the block wall, making faces at MEEEEE the whole time. Oh, the RUDENESS of it all. Finally it leaps off and skitters down the hillside into the bushes along the street. I suppose I'll have to clean and disinfect my fort now. Sheesh!

Just to make sure CAT doesn't come back, I stood watch until my toes started turning blue. Then Mom calls "Mary-Margaret, you get IN here. You need to put a jacket on!" (yup....I admit it....I wear clothes. Wanna make sumthin' out of it? Hmmmm?)
Here's me on my way into the house.

I'll keep watching, though. CAT seems the type to sneak back into MY fort when he think's no one's looking. I'll keep you posted.


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Peanut said...

Oh cats are evil. We have two of them living in our house with us and Mom and Dad won't let us do anything about it. I hope it doesn't come back to your fort.