Monday, January 29, 2007

Hide and Seek, Yorkie Style

I love games. Especially when I win, which is most of the time. At night I go out and patrol the yard. Then I come in and have my dinner. Mmmmmm! I LOVE my supper. Yesssss! Oh...getting off track again. So then I go out again. I wait until Mom gets all comfy in her big leather chair, feet up. And then I say "Owwww?", which is the best I can do the way my palate is formed. "Oh, you want OUT, Mary-Margaret?", she says. And then I hop up and down like a maniac, nipping at her sleeve. She always says, "Cut it out, Mary-Margaret!", but that's half the fun.

I go out and race around a bit. Then I find a nice cozy spot right out in the open, usually up against the wall or in the gazania bushes. Mom comes out. "Where are you, Mary-Margaret?". Shhh...I don't move a muscle. She stares right at me and I don't even blink. See, the way my hair is I sort of blend in, like Army camouflage. So she says "OK, Fine! I'm going inside!", and then I run, lickety-split, as fast as I can so I can get in the door before she closes it, laughing all the time. Oh, I just love to laugh.

So we get all skwunched down into the chair and cuddle for a bit before we go upstairs. It's just what we do. I love my life.

Bedtime...g'night everybody!


PS - Cats on vacation, I think. No one for a couple of days.

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