Monday, January 15, 2007

Baby, it's COLD outside!

Here's me in my trendy pink leopard print parka with a hood. I absolutely refuse to go outside unless I'm wearing it. The bird bath was frozen again, and Mom had to use the bottled water for coffee until the pipes unfroze themselves. That's TWO mornings of frozen pipes. Can you believe it?
Here's me at my favorite place these days - in front of the little heater the blows hot air. See how my hair stands up from the oh-so-cozy-and-warm breeze? If I'm not here, I'm in my crate/ kennel/ cage/ fort (depending on why I'm there, I guess) snuggling into my soft sherpa pad.

I kinda worry about the cats. I know....I know....surprised? But all fun and games aside, I think we were getting to be friends, sort of. I hope they're ok. I'll go out later to look for them. I saw that one cat that I drew eyebrows on yesterday afternoon and gave him a friendly round of barks, but haven't seen him since.

Hope you're all warm and toasty.

Love, Mary-Margaret


Sara said...

Mary Margaret, I need to know how come you always look so fluffy. I get greasy haired within a few days of my bath. Is there something special that your mom uses that mine could try?? IF so, please email my mom at:

Please? Thanks! Sara

Oscar said...

No water? Does this mean you don't get to take any baths? Lucky you.

It's cold here, but not that cold! It's terribly rainy though making for miserable days. I do hear that snow is on the way.

To bad we didn't make it as finalists, eh? What were the judges thinking?

Chiyo said...

how did the voting go, mary-margaret? i can't wait to know :)

i'm surprised, how can the pipes still be frozen with such a ball of sunshine like you around.


Fu Fu said...

Mary-Margaret, you look so cute in that pink leopard print parka . :)
Maybe you wanna come to Singapore. It's all warm here

~ fufu

Justin said...

Hey, the pink leopard print has really suited you well!! looking nice

keep blogging

Peanut said...

Glad you are keeping warm. Yucky on the frozen water.