Monday, January 08, 2007

Do we know who won yet?


The suspense is killing me. I've been chewing on anything to relieve the tension. Mom even found a sticky burr in my teeth this morning. Arrrrrggghhh. How do politicians do it? I've got to keep busy....find something to do....maybe go back on the campaign trail? Just sitting here, waiting, is too much for me to handle.


Sincerely yours,

Mary-Margaret "The Politician" O'Brien


Anonymous said...

WOW you have 400+ votes now pretty girl! Our mommy had all of her work friends vote and sent an email to her family!

You are so pretty, we just know you are going to win!

Paws crossed for you~

Anonymous said...

Look what we did for you!!! We put you on our website for people to vote!!!!

Oh we made the other comment too but forgot to sign it. It must have been in all of our excitement :)

Simon & Hallie

Sara said...

MM, you are without a doubt the prettiest Yorkie we have EVER seen!!!!!

Auntie Dee said...

I just love this photo of you.
You have the winning smile Mary Margaret.
Bust of luck
Love Auntie Dee

Oscar said...

You are one of the contestants with the highest rating! Congratulations! I'm getting worried!