Tuesday, January 16, 2007

DogshowUSA results


I guess it wasn't meant to be. Thank you EVERYONE for all your votes. And thank you to my campaign workers, my press agents, my managers, and most of all - my wonderful friends for their patience, love and unwaivering support. Mom has reminded me that I should be happy for the pups that made the finals. And I should remember that if I had made it, it would mean one of them would not. I suppose that should cheer me up in a convoluted sort of way, but not at the moment.

My Aunt Vicki says she'll be my manager next time and probably it was the lousy photos of me that Mom posted. Mom's prejudiced, I think. She likes ALL my photos. Aunt Shelly says I should have posted THIS one (from when I was a baby.

What are my plans? Personally? I think I've decided to concentrate on my studies, and possibly go for a post-graduate degree in feline philosophy and psychology - A CATaclysmic decision to CATapult me into my future CATagory of higher education, don't you think? After graduating puppy school and getting my diploma from Cool Dogs for successfully mastering the basic ten commandments (sit, stay, etc), I think I could go on to do more...to really make a difference in this world. I'm not just another pretty face, you know.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien, PhD*

*Pretty Happy Dog


Carbi Yarker said...

Hi Mary-Margaret,
I'm sorry you didn't make the finals... forget being happy for all the other dogs - just be sad for a while - always makes me feel better!
Or.. you could do what you told me to do... read dog blogs!

Kimberly said...

Ya know what pretty girl? We think you are top-notch and a WINNER everyday! Think about it this way, you get to celebrate being you every single day and you don't need a prize for that! You are super special!

Simon & Hallie

Sara said...

Oh Mary-Margaret, you don't need a prize to know you're special!

Boo said...

hey mary-margaret,

the first photo of you look so cute. *shhh* don't tell my girlfriend miss chiyo but i feel like kissing you!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Mary-Margaret, I still think you look really cute in those pic.
Woh you're going for futher studies. You'll be a real smart doggie

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

I love all your photos. That baby photo would have been great for the cute face contest. BTW, the one you put on your blog is not the one. The one is that lil hat on that bed or sofa but it was only your face not full body. Every one has an opinion on how people look, if they like their outfits, etc., it was just that photo is a great lil face one. Again, I love all of them. Love Aunt Shelly

chiyo said...

that's just too bad, M-M. but don't worry, to us you are THE cutest. that's the reason why HM checks out your blog every single day, just to see pictures of you :) i might get a little jealous of that too.