Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh, My HEART!!!

I'm absolutely HORRIFIED!!. Tonight, I went out to check the yard for the CATS. And there it was, the light orange/cream/white one from the plum tree? You know...I drew a face on it? See my blog a few days back? OHMYGAWSH! It HISSED at me. Now, I DO know to keep my distance but....(gulp) leaped at me swatted at me. Mom came out and yelled at it, and it ran over the fence.

It kept LOOKING at me through the fence, and sticking out it's tongue at me, and saying nasty cat things to me. Oh dear! Oh dear! I went over to the fence and our noses were almost touching and then Mom yelled at MEEEEE! "You get in here, Mary-Margaret!". But then the cat would think I was a baby, so I kept on. Finally, Mom went to the fence and said "You go away, you NASTY cat", and it dove into the bushes. I was absolutely hysterical. I just kept running back and forth, barking, crying....I couldn't stop!

After a bit, I didn't know what to do. I kept sobbing. I wasn't hurt or anything, but that really REALLY scared me. Mom said "Sit, Mary-Margaret", so I did. Then she said "Stay!", and I did! She picked me up, hugging me tightly, and I sobbed into her shoulder. My life will NEVER EVER be the same again.

I have absolutely NO idea what my Auntie Leslie sees in these terrorists. REALLY, I don't.





Oscar said...

Oh, Mary-Margaret, I thought you were going to tell me that the cat died.

Anonymous said...

You need to just stay away from those rotten "things" and listen to your Mom. They are not to be trusted. Hugs, Dashi

Sara said...

Mary-Margaret, even in your toughest moments, you are still who I look forward to reading about each day.

Isn't it great that moms love us??

Your Pal Sara

Anonymous said...

My sweet MM, PLEASE stay away from those bad bad cats. I've seen the damage they have done to lil fur babies. I do NOT want you to get hurt in anyway. See why your Mommy watches over you & tells you to come in the house, for other reasons then just GP. We love you everly SOOOO VERYYY much & do not want anything to happen to you. Stay safe. Love Aunt Shelly & gang