Sunday, January 14, 2007

Brrr-r-r-r-r-r-r! It's COLD!!!


When we got up this morning and tried to brush our teeth, absolutely NOTHING came out of the water pipe. Mom grumbled something or other, and then went downstairs to make coffee. Same problem. So she goes to the car to get out some bottled water and starts the coffee going. Then she tries to call the water company.

The water company's emergency line is busy-busy-busy. Finally she gets through to someone and mentions she has no water. The lady told her that NOBODY had water because everyone's pipes froze. Mom asks what she's supposed to do? The lady just tells her that even the service men don't know because this has never happened before. After all, this is SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Mom turned the faucet in the kitchen to the on position so that when the water did come back on it could flow freely.

Me? Oh, I don't mind this at all. Makes my little spot in the sun all that much more appreciated. I spent a lot of time this morning out by the block wall just soaking up the rays. It felt pretty good, too. It was maybe 30 degrees out when I was getting my sunbath and I didn't even want to wear a sweater. Woo hoo!!

Voting should be over today, I think. I hope so. Elections are so nerve wracking, don't you think?



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Fu Fu said...

Oh no.. Mary-Margaret has your water pipe defroze already? Hope you get your water soon

~ fufu