Friday, January 12, 2007

CATS!!! (and my new friend FUFU)


First off, let me introduce you to my new friend FUFU the HAMSTER!! I've never known a hamster personally before. FUFU is quite engaging and very intelligent. I'm sure you'll like him a whole lot.

Secondly, I'm in the house, just minding my own business, for Lord's sake, when I look up and there is THE CAT. It's just laying there on MY grass and it's MAKING FACES at me. I bark and bark and say "Get off my grass, you hussy cat!", and it just waves it's tail at me and laughs.

So Mom opens the slider and I go flying out my little doggie door and it's a stand off. Me and the cat. I'm not stupid...I know that thing is armed and dangerous. Those darn switch blades it carries in it's paws, but from about 8 feet away, I make myself PERFECTLY clear. GET OFF MY LAWN!!

The cat slowly gets up and ambles over to the plum tree. Mom goes upstairs and gets her camera because she doesn't believe the NERVE of this cat. I can't stand it any longer. I take a flying leap at the cat, and the cat jumps back and runs away, over the fence.

Dusting myself off, I come back in the house wearing a spider attached to a web. Must have been spinning by the tree, maybe? The spider jumps off onto the kitchen floor, Mom squeals and stomps it flat dead and cleans it up with a paper towel.

Sooo....that was MY morning. How was yours??

Love, Mary-Margaret

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pugfreak said...

Wow! What a morning! You are quite the watchdog. I think I need you around to help me out with those darn cats.