Monday, January 22, 2007

Pink cape, grey cats

Here's me in the pink cape Aunt Shelly & Peanut Daniel got me for Christmas. Isn't it just beautiful??
There were more cats in planter this morning - THREE of them. We are becoming a community litter box. These were all grey tabby types of various sizes. I barked at them through the door on my way to work. My carpool (Mom) was waiting for me or I might have had more to say.

Mom called animal control. They "catch and release" and suggested we get a trap. Bad news. There's a huge waiting list. Lots of cat problems around here. But we can rent one at Hank's Hardware and the AC people will take it away if we catch somebody. I think it's going to take a long time. Those cats just keep coming, like a big old family reunion in MY planter.

Tonight I went out. I'm still pretty cautious. OK..SCARED, if you want to know. I go to the hill and quickly check out my fort. Then I run back down until Mom comes out and I know I'll be safe. Boy, you don't catch ME dragging my feet when it's time to come in, though. Not like before. Tonight, I raced Mom up the stairs and decided to check out her closet. It was pretty interesting until the lights went out and the door shut on me. I heard her go into her office and call me. Well, sheesh! I'm right HERE in the DARK in your CLOSET, you silly woman. So I started scratching on the door from the inside until she came and got me.

That's pretty much it for today except for going to Miss Cathleen's today. She gave me a little plastic cup to play with, which was fun. A lady and her daughter came in before we left so I got to meet and play with some new people. They were really nice to me.

OK...that's it. Catch you later, gator.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Boo said...

hey mary margaret,

you actually look like a superwoman in that pink cape!

wet wet licks