Sunday, January 21, 2007

Skateboards are KEWL!!

I want one. Mom went to see Isabella's video and we saw that her mom had another video with a dog riding a skateboard. I LOVE IT! That's what I want to do. Be a skateboarder. You think I'm big enough? Maybe they make a smaller one my size? Oh, golly. I'd rather be skateboarding than worrying about cats. Check it out by clicking on the link. See what I mean? Seriously, I watched that video so hard, and I never took my eyes off it. Not once!

Wow. I can see me now. Hangin' eight and making those cats wish they were nicer to me. (thinking....) If I learn to skateboard, you think I could snowboard, too?



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Sarabi said...

Oh my goodness, I just read your post about your encounter on Saturday. It must have been really terrible.
Things aren't too good here either. I think we could really use the Yorkie prayer group's help - AGAIN!
My Nana left on Friday morning, which would have been bad enough, but then we heard that when she arrived home, she found out that there had been a major disaster at her house while she was away. One of the radiators burst and water poured through her house for over 2 weeks. The house is uninhabitable and will be for quite some time. She is staying with my Mum's brother for now. She is SO devastated.
Here on the home front, my Dad lost his job on Monday, because the company he worked for is going out of business. My Mum doesn't work because of her epilepsy so it's going to be a little tough for a while, I think.
So do you think you could ask your Yorkie prayer group to put their 'paws' up for us? I know we could really use it.
Your very worried BFFF