Sunday, January 28, 2007

Status Update

OK...normal weekend. We unwind, then we go to work. Same-o, same-o!! Today, Sunday, Mom goes to breakfast with a friend, then comes and gets MEEE, and then we go to the office. I just head straight for my office bed and go back to sleep. Mom is working at two desks, although I don't totally understand it. She says she takes a break by doing something different. Today she got out her "1099's". One less thing to worry about.

We're both kind of excited about Pennsylvania. I'm told that I am the ONLY person she even discussed this with. I can tell she's pretty proud of herself because this is the first time ever she's bought a house without asking what anyone thought. Surprisingly, she's not heard any negatives. She says the first year will be the hardest. Then it'll all be ok.

I think I'm a good influence on her.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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