Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beauty contests!!

Just minding my own business reading my email when I get this thing from Dogster to join their beauty contest. Let's see...Toy Breed? Cutest? Looks most like owner? Gosh....hard to choose. I go for "toy". I do all the entry stuff (Mom does the typing), and finally I get in. I go to check out my pictures and there are FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO PAGES, each with about 30 dogs on them, and I cannot even begin to find me. How do I know I'm even entered? HMMMMMMM?? And as if I had a snowball's chance on a barbeque? At least it didn't cost me anything. I'm still in the hole from Christmas.

Where is this contest, you ask? It's at, to be precise, it's at

Hmmmph! I think I'm going to keep my day job.


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