Friday, January 19, 2007

They're ALL baaaaack!

Oh gosh! I guess I should know better than to worry about the CATS being ok in the cold!! This morning there was ANOTHER CAT in my fort. This one was the grey tabby. We "negotiated" for possession for a bit until Mom came out. Then the tabby left, taking it's usual route over the fence. I stood on my tippy-toes and there was the grey and white, and a dark grey, and...OHMYGOODNESS....I lost count.

I checked out my fort really well and there's like a hollow under my daisy bush now where probably they all cuddle up to sleep. There are also some places on the slope in the middle of the gazanias where it kinda looks like someone is doing some camping.

Whatever did I do to be everly so honored by the cat family? I ask you....Hmmmmmmmm?? I guess this is what it feels like to be invaded by foreign troops? I really REALLY want a baby brother or sister to help me defend my yard. I NEED HELP!!


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