Sunday, January 07, 2007

Campaign Update!


As of right now, on Sunday at 7:38PM, I have 331 votes. There are 8,594 contestants, and the voting closes on 1/15 - I think. If you click on "toy breeds" and sort us by rating, I'm on page 1, number 4, as of this moment. Gus from New Hampshire has 8,863 votes. He has 3 stars. I have 2 and a maybe 2.25 or something. I guess you have to click on which star you rate me from one to five when you vote, too. Five is the best...the absolutely everly most top rating I could get. can vote maybe every couple of hours, if you want to, that is. Or more often if you clear your "cookies", whatever that means. I do like cookies, I know that. I have a gingerbread heart downstairs with some carob and yogurt frosting on it that I've been working on. Yum. I just love Pacific Pets bakery. They had this silver platter out with cookies on it when we went to get me a new name tag, since I lost my last one, which was chewed up anyway so it just said "Mar........-Mar.....", with no phone number except a couple of digits. When I get nervous I chew my tags. I....oh..what? I'm getting off track again, Mom says. "Focus, Mary-Margaret. FOCUS!" I get that a lot.

OK...back to voting. It would be really nice to have someone vote for me again, and rate me as "five stars". But it's ok if you don't. You DO like gingerbread dog cookies, right? Me too! MMMM-mmm, GOOD!

If I win, maybe I'll have a cookie party? To celebrate?

Your humble candidate....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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