Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm a Beauty Contestant!!

Yayy! I AM a contestant. So are a lot of my friends. If I vote for all of them and they all vote for me, maybe we can all win? Here's the link if you want to vote for MEEEEEE: VOTE FOR MARY-MARGARET

Oh isn't this exciting? If I win, I will have such a celebration. You are all invited. Maybe even cake? I do like cake and frosting. Yes...especially cream cheese frosting. Mmmmmmm! Oh...but I digress. I do that, you know, when I get excited about something. Sorry.


Thank you to all my constituents. I run on a non-partisan platform. (Mom told me to say that!)

Love, Mary-Margaret


Chiyo said...

Hi M-M! i voted for you! that picture on the chair is so regal, and the bonnet is very sweet :)


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you win mary margaret....good luck to deserve to be a beauty queen

gizmo said...

Hey MM! Your pictures are beeeautiful!! but I can't figure out how to vote for you :(

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! We voted for you pretty girl!

Simon & Hallie

Auntie Dee said...

Not to worry Mary Margaret,
I just know you will win..
I've voted for you everyday..
Your just too cute not to win..
Love ya
Auntie Dee

Sara said...

Sara voted for MM!!

Oscar said...

I voted foe you! I'm in the contest too, but I'm glad I"m not running against you. I'd lose. ;)

Shannon said...

I voted for you MMOB.

Best of luck