Sunday, April 01, 2007

Woo hoo - I made Merriam-Webster's

Wow! That was fast, I tell you. Those folks at Merriam-Webster know a good word when they see it.

fluff-i'-al-i'-ty (noun) : The quality or state of fluffiness; condition or fact relating to fullness of one's hair or coat; the complex of characteristics that distinguishes the texture and/or aeriness of hair or fur to the touch.
Example: "Her fluffiality depended on the last time she had a bath as well as whether or not a conditioner was used." —Mary-Margaret O'Brien, March 31, 2007
Submitted by: Mary-Margaret O'Brien from California on Mar. 31, 2007 16:15

I kind of like being creative. Mom should leave me alone with the computer more often.


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Lucie said...

Dear Mary Margaret


My Mom said this is a great achievement. She is a linguist, a BA in Modern Languages and a Sworn English & Spanish Translator and Interpreter, so she knows what it means to get a word added to Merriam Webster.

Thank you for contributing to the development of the English language!