Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Secret Agent Dog

Hi there. It's MEEEE, Mary-Margaret. I tell YOUUUU...between taxes and billing and all that stuff, we've been reeeeeeally busy. And now Mom says she doesn't have any money. Well, shoot. And we both needed haircuts really bad. Sonia even said we kinda looked alike with our bangs in our face.

I think that got to Mom a bit. So she talked to her hair lady and decided to get her "rootsdone" (whateverrrrr!) and a cut. All I know is her hair is darker and shorter. She still looks like me, though. Except I haven't been to MY groomer for a while and it's getting hard to see. Mom says she'll get me some "butch wax" to keep my hair out of my eyes.

I got to play "007" at the beauty parlor. See, I get to go with Mom because I'm a "service dog" and Mom has a Doctor's letter. But some PEEPLE get all a-twitter so I have a little vest coming with "Service Dog" embroidered on it. But it's not here yet. So why am I telling you this? HMMMM? Because.......

I am all relaxed and napping on Mom's lap under the cape they put on her. Just snoozing away, not bothering anyone. Then one of the girls comes back to ask "Who do we refer the inspectors to?" and I knew right then I needed to be really quiet. We knew it should be OK for me to be there but why jump through hoops? So I stayed really still. I even dozed off a couple of times and started to snore but I woke myself up with the noise.

Then the State Health inspector comes back to see Mom's hair-lady's station, so Mom (She's sharp, I tell you!) says to her lady "Oh, this would be a good time for me to run to the restroom..where's the key?". And we dash outside with me under the cape, run up the stairs, and ask Auntie Debbie-across-the-hall if she'll babysit me. Mom goes back to her hair-lady, minus MEEEEE, and all is well..almost.

Oh....and about "DATH" (Debbie-Across-The-Hall), a teensy little problem about being left anywhere, so.......(cough cough)....I made a lot of noise? Well, it's not like I was trying to be annoying or anything, but I really did want my MOM! REALLY!! I was alone maybe 20 minutes max, but to my way of thinking, that's 20 minutes way too long. Anyhow...Mom says I'll be lucky if Debbie'll ever babysit me again. Like I don't think that's a bad thing, but my Mom does. Ew....thinking about my options.....OHMYGAWSH! What if she leaves me alone? ALL BY MYSELF? No ...nope! Uh-uh! That would NOT be ok!

Aunt Leslie wants a picture of my friend, the little gray kitty. I don't know when he's coming over. It's always a surprise. But Mom told her she'd try and get one. Yeah, right! Like I want my FRIENDS to have spots in front of THEIR eyes?

OK - bedtime. Nitey-night!

Mary-Margaret "Secret Agent" O'Brien

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