Thursday, April 12, 2007


Oh my goodness! What a day. So many people coming many smells....and, oh gosh, even TOES to sniff and lick. One man came in for a notary and right away I knew he was my kind of guy. First off, he starts skritching my belly and ...ahhhh....yessssssss! He knew right where my "sweet" spot was. MMMMMMM...I thought I died and went to heaven. I was practically comotose with joy. Mom kept looking at me sideways, but heck...ok, so I WAS on my back all spread out for the world to see. I was oblivious to decorum and all that. He found my SPOT.

So we did four notaries today. And we had a bunch of clients, too. One man in particular came in with some serves for out of state. Apparently he'd come in about three months ago and had us do two defendants. Back then, Mom told him she'd give him a discount if he wanted to do the other two, and she even wrote it on a piece of paper for him. Well, HELLOOO??? It's three months later and he asks "How much?". So she tells him and THEN he whips out the paper and says "This is YOUR writing!. You said you'd work with me". Mom just gave him a "look" and said to him, " I have a "Forever" stamp pasted in the middle of my forehead?". She gave him the deal because she cares about her clients, but she also said no more deals, that she couldn't afford it. He kinda bothered me, too, so I just barked at him when he left. Politely, of course. Like "Arf Weiderschein", "Arieu".

I spent a lot of time on the main desk. It's a good place to watch what goes on, and I can see the attorney's dog on her deck if he's there. His name is "Courage". He's kind of cute, but stand-offish and shy. I think he might be a little afraid of girls or something. Sometimes his mom lets me have some play time with him, and my mom doesn't mind babysitting.

Naps were pretty much out of the question today. I totally crashed right after dinner, and now I can barely keep my eyes open. Even dictating to Mom has taken a toll on me and I keep dozing off.

Later, guys. Pleasant dreams, everyone.


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