Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My New Privileges!

I earn privileges when I'm a good girl. Today, I got a new one. Mom will leave the door to our office open so I can see who goes in the hallway IF I do not cross that threshold. Ohhh.....it's so tempting, but I only messed up one time. And it's really NOT my fault. I was watching people and ohmygoodness....here comes the cutest baby chihuahua ever, all cinnamon in color wearing a bright greet t-shirt.

You KNOW how I like babies. I had to make him feel comfortable, you know? So I ran out to greet him. We rubbed noses a bit, did the "circle-sniff" thing, and then (just to make him feel dominant) I flipped over on my back and flashed my tummy at him. Yup. That works. I really think there'd be less trouble in the world if people would try it. Think of world leaders flashing tummy instead of all this posturing stuff they do. Like "I'm tougher than YOU", and "No, I'm tougher!". They should consider keeping their mouths shut and letting their tummies do the talking, like my friends and I do. It works!

Anyway.....I was reminded that I was NOT to go past the doorway. So I apologized to Mom and didn't do it again. I think I like having the door open. It's everly so much more interesting, and easier than keeping my eyeball glued to the crack in the door. Really, it is.

The more responsible I become, the more privileges I get. Life is good.

G'night, everybody.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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