Friday, April 06, 2007

My Political Statement of the Day

Usually, my 'political statements' are made from my rear end, but today, I was asked the question (with reference to the news media covering the unfortunate and untimely deaths of many of my peers because of lack of controls in the pet food industries):

"What did you think of the Rosie O'Donnell comments?" (that she made on "The View") so I decided to verbalize instead of illustrate, so here goes:

Answer: (ahem) Me? Well, being just an "animal", like she says, I'm not supposed to have opinions. However, as a Yorkshire Terrier, a private investigator, and a feeling being made by the same hands that God used to make humans, I answer this: I think Rosie O'Donnell is an, make that a mentally and intellectually challenged "who-man", that her IQ is in the double digit territory (maybe single but I'm being kind), and she has the Constitutional right to say whatever pops to the surface of her mind, much like fat pops to the surface of a pot of chicken stock.

I think that our collective government as a whole over governs and under-thinks the big picture, but I also believe that mostly each protocolically hampered individual within our government does the very best that they can as they are allowed within the confines of their specific contract or position.

And I will share this with you, too. When Hilary Clinton speaks on behalf of "The American Peeple" (spelling error intended), my Mom grits her teeth and says "HOW DARE SHE speak on MY behalf. I AM AN AMERICAN 'PEEPLE' and that is NOT how I feel".

So...there you have it. The opinion of a scholarly Yorkshire Terrier who would gladly wish to bite both Rosie and "Hilly-Billy" on the ankle if I only had the opportunity, but I'm too civilized for that.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

PS - The article that had her comments has since been replaced. She said that the news was focusing on 15 dogs and a cat the died from poisoned pet food, and that the news about 29 soldiers dying in Iraq had been put on the back burner. First off, it's more like 2500 dogs and cats, and secondly, the news about the soldiers is still being commented on, too. She also said that if us American Peeples wanted to get the truth, we needed to go outside this country. A different perspective is not necessarily the truth, Rosie-Blowsie, it's just from a different (pardon the pun) "View".


Kimberly said...

WELL SAID Mary Margaret!

Respectfully Yours,

Simon and Hallie

P.S. Maybe you should consider running for office. We would vote for you!

Dachsies Rule said...

M-M, our mom wants to be friends with your mom. She thinks your mom has brought you up correctly and given you the ability to think wisely for yourself. We missed whatever Rosie had to say this time and, actually, are pretty glad we did. There have been a limited number of times we have thought she deserved to be taken seriously (and we are trying to be nice too).

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Bella said...

Well said Mary-Margaret , we are really sad to hear about all the problems with pet food over there & think that those folks with the poop coming out of their mouths should remember their values - "all creatures great & small"

Paw Power & wuff