Monday, April 09, 2007

The Monday Blues!

Something about Mondays after a holiday - like Easter - and I just can't seem to get going. Usually I'm right in Mom's face before she's ready to get up, but not today. We got to work around 11:00 or so and, oh thank goodness, Sonia came in this morning. She's everly so good to our clients, and knowing she was there was really nice.

Except she has a pretty good sniffer. I know, I know! After that bird droppings incident yesterday I probably should have had a bath. My fluff has floofed. And I'm slightly overly fragrant in a doggie sort of way.

Still....I had my work cut out for me. Even before we got to work the lady from the pipe company AND the FedEx man came by to see me. Not Mom....MEEEEE! Later on we did some work for another lady that was a bit stressed. I hopped up into her lap and she started massaging me. Like I have it good or what? HMMMMMM???? Anyway, after a few minutes she commented to Mom on how well I do my job, and that she felt everly so much better for me having been there. Hey! It's my job, and I do it well. What can I say?

Tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a shower. Even Mom says I stink. How RUDE!! There are nicer ways of saying that, you know.

G'night everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret


This is all mainly about us! said...

I can see that even if your mom thinks you stink, others still love u that much! So it doesn't matter if you stink!! U r loved!! ^ ^

This is all mainly about us! said...

thats very good!
have so many ppl there giving you hugs & love even if ur mom find u stinky.