Monday, April 23, 2007

Eau de Piquelle

Well, it smelled kind of interesting to MEEEEE so I rolled in it. A couple of hours later, Mom's giving me a back rub and says "EEEEYEEEWWW!" and "What on earth.....?". Little green chunks came off in her fingers and my hair was sort of glued together over my left shoulder. Upon closer examination, she determined that somehow some relish had dropped from her hot dog and landed where I could roll in it. Like that's a bad thing? It smelled wonderful. I felt everly so gorgeous wearing it as a fragrance.

Again, not everyone in my household shares my taste. I get a bath this morning. she comes. Gotta run.



mi-chi said...

Hi! Mary-Margaret.and nice to meet you!! Were you succeed to run away? I live in Japan with 3 Yorkshire Terriers and a cocker. My dogs hate a bath! They are gone when preparing a bath. and we are battling in our bath every time. (sorry my english is very bad.)

Fu Fu said...

Run Mary-Margaret Run... Did your mum catch you for another bath?

~ fufu