Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All spruced up!

My instincts were right on target. I got a nice shower this morning. Shampooed and even cream rinsed. Boy, do I smell good or WHAT?? Mom even tried everly so hard to comb my hair and put a bow in. I really wanted to please her, but there's something about wearing a frou-frou bow on my head that brings out the devil in me.

This picture shows a few loose strands of hair. About ten minutes later, I was back to my normal, un-bowed fluffiality. Oh yessssssssss!! Nothing like the freedom one feels with no clothes and no bows. I still had on my collar and 4 of my 5 tags (missing St Francis, but we want him on an "O" ring instead of an "S") so I was fully dressed, to my way of thinking, anyway.

That was yesterday. Today I'll probably just get brushed. Mom's tired of trying to keep me neat. My Uncle Sneakers was like me, too. We prefer the wind-blown style of hairdo!

Love, Mary-Margaret

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This is all mainly about us! said...

hehehe..u r one lucky fellow. Jas always tie bows on us...nv fail..she'll make us sit there & she'll do all she likes to our head..I can't wait to hide it somewhere...