Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bird Feathers!

Mom cleaned the bird cage today. You KNOW how much I like the smell of bird poop and shredded paper, right? So when she wasn't looking....I mean, REALLY not looking, I managed to get inside the trash bag and grab a huge mouthful of tasty....well, SHE calls it "bird crap", but I thought of it more as a delicacy of sorts to be experienced, I made it all the way back into the bedroom...maybe 20 feet or so...before I threw it all back up in a big clump. Even though it was stuck together, Mom managed to get it up the vacuum. I felt bad enough already, you really think her comments helped? Like "Oh, gross, Mary-Margaret! Blegh! Yuck!" was still relatively dry and it could have been a lot worse.
Here's me still trying to get those teensy little down feathers out of my mouth.

And STILL spitting them out, hours later. Like my older sister used to say to my mom when she was a teenager: "I dont WANT to learn from YOUR mistakes. I want to make my OWN!!" We have a lot in common, my Sissy and I. I don't think she ever sampled bird droppings, though.

(thhhppptt! Ugh...FEATHERS!!)

Love and Happy Easter to All...


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Freda said...

Happys Easter, Mary-Margaet.

Hmmm... I've heard of c-a-t candy. Now bird candy? Well, It IS Easter and that means candy times. Don't know if I'd try that though. Will you have to floss now?


Freda Ƨ