Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kitties are back!

Last night, TWO gray kitties were in my back yard. I ran out to visit and they both jumped over the fence. My friend did pop his head over to say hello, but just for a moment. Mom had gotten her camera and was running outside in her bathrobe and slippers to take a picture for my Auntie Leslie and probably scared my friend. Shoot! In a green nightgown, dark blue and purple plaid bathrobe, and Uggs for slipper, I'd be scared too if I wasn't used to her. She's not fashion conscious once we get home from work.

I hung around for a while hoping he'd come back. Nope. (sigh)

Dejectedly yours,



Fu Fu said...

Aw... Mary-Margaret. at least you got to say a quick hi to them. I hope the kittens come visit you again

~ fufu

mi-chi said...

Hi Mary-Margaret.
Your mom's fashion is so great!
looks like me?!...OH MY GOD!!