Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ah....and then there are PERKS!

This is my very good friend, Robert. To humans, he's the building handy man. To MEEEEE, he is the love of my life (that is human, anyway!). He knows what a girl likes, I tell you! No candy, no flowers. Just the yummiest puppy biscuits ever. I kiss him all over when he comes by. Sometimes I get so excited I "widdle" on his shoes, but you know what? He says he doesn't care and his shoes will dry. And he loves me no matter what.
And there is Mary Ann down-the-hall. She is also one of my most favorite humans. She comes by at least once or twice a day to get her "puppy fix". And me? What do I get? See below. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is absolutely HEAVEN.

I absolutely LOVE working.


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Fu Fu said...

Hey Mary-Magaret, you're such a cutie. I would rub your tummy if I see you too

p.s I think your link got lost when I updated my page. But I've added it back in already. :)

~ fufu