Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Professional Puppy

Mondays are awful busy, especially after a nice relaxing weekend. We went to work and picked up some papers to take to the Recorder. Then got a call to pick up and take more. Then served a paper. Then raced back to office and picked up another paper to serve. Got that done. Raced back and got ANOTHER one. All day was "hurry-hurry-don't-be-late". And we set up a gazillion papers for the regular servers, too.

At 1:30 after an inhaled lunch we went to my "pawdicurist". Huh? Oh, sorry. Mom says it's HER manicurist but I still think of Cathleen as MINE! So while Mom soaked her feet, Miss Cathleen and I had some special time together. First off, I got my bowl of water in my special dish. Then I got a really nice and everly so long belly rub with lotion. It feels soooo good with nice smelling lotion. Then I got my paws rubbed with lotion, too. I tell YOUUUU!!! This is the most heavenly thing to do.

When it was all done, we dashed off to serve another paper. The grumpy lady said "Harrumph! We don't allow DOGS in our establishment!". Mom just smiled nicely at her and said "Mary-Margaret is a service dog!" and that shut her up pretty fast. She just gave me a "look" and I gave her one back. Like I am soooo much better behaved than most of the human children I see. I wish there would be signs that said "No bratty children allowed!". That would make more sense, I think.

There were two kids in the Recorder's office yesterday who pretty much did what they wanted, screamed at the top of their lungs, and their mothers just kept talking AT them, not TO them. Stuff like "Use your little voice". "You are not keeping yourself in control". "You need a time out...blah blah blah)", and the kid is totally deaf to the mom, just being horribly obnoxious. I think some moms just like to hear themselves talk. I just gave them "the look", and hunkered further down into Mom's purse. Even I know how to be polite in public. Hmmmmph!

Back at the office, we did a notary and I made people smile. Then Mrs. Lillard came in to see me. I know because she called first to make sure I'd be there. I also know I'm getting cuddles and belly rubs when SHE comes in. At first I had something else on my mind and Mrs. Lillard was wondering why I was so preoccupied. Lucky for me she didn't go into the workroom by the file cabinets. I had been telling Mom over and over that I needed to take a little walk but apparently my pronunciation wasn't quite exact. Anyway, maybe she'll pay more attention to me in the future. Ya think? I was discrete, as always, though and my little accident was easily disposed of.

It was way after five when we wrapped things up. Mom says she really needs to get someone to work on Mondays and Wednesdays. We don't know why, but our business has gotten absolutely crazy lately. For every job we turn down, two more come in. Unbelievable!!

Hope today is a bit quieter. Me and Mom really have a lot of work to do, still.

Exhaustedly yours,



Lucie said...

Dear Mary-Margaret,

I do agree with you 100% when you said:

"I wish there would be signed that said "No bratty children allowed!".

Today I saw a couple of children with a very bad behavior in the elevator at the mall. They pushed all buttons as if I and Mom had time to waste. My stitches were hurting and we had to make it to the drugstore urgently. Luckily, the stairs down to our SUV were clear without any sign of those annoying children.

They should hire our Moms to train them how to behave!!! Well ... on a second thought, that's not a good idea, for they don't deserve our Mom's undivided attention!


notary public said...

Children may at times annoy us especially when they're too loud to be handled. Well, parents know how to train them well and it takes a lot of guts to discipline children :-)