Friday, April 27, 2007

My Very Own Cookie!

After work we went to the bank. Then we had to go buy MY chicken, and my kibbles. But wait! It's kind of hot out and I don't think I should wait in the car. Mom agrees. I put on my "Service Dog" vest and go for a ride in the shopping cart. I don't move hardly at all, and not too many people even notice me. When I'm in line, though, everybody comes over to say "Hi, Mary-Margaret!". I have lots of friends at Albertson's.

Next, we go to Matco. It's for people like me. Mom's very careful about what I eat and she wants Eagle-Pak Holistic chicken kibbles. There's corn, peas, and carrots in them. No by-products. what IS a by-product anyway??? They gave me a couple of teensy sample bags to try out. I had some for dinner tonight. Oh YUM!

When we got to the check-out, we stood behind a lady who was buying piddle pads for her fur-baby, and something else. I just saw this tray full of yummy looking cookies and went right over. "Pick out the one you like best", Mom said. So I sniffed a couple and went back to this one (see picture). It's "cheese cake" flavor.

Then something little, white, and fast zipped across the counter and ducked behind the tray. Turns out the "something else" were three baby white mice. Gosh, they were cute. I could have taken one home as a pet. Maybe? Huh?

EEEEYEEEWWWW! They were something's supper. How sad. One baby mouse really tried hard to get away. I hope he doesn't know what's going to happen to him. And when it does, I hope he doesn't suffer. I felt really bad and said a little prayer for him.

Back to my cookie. I wanted to have some right then, but Mom said "No, Mary-Margaret. After your dinner!". So I ate really fast and Mom cut my cookie in half. It should last a pretty long time, because it's pretty hard. Probably so I can chew on it and enjoy it for week or so? No...I think they're supposed to be softer, looking at the website. I think my cookie is going back to the store tomorrow.

I DO love the way bakery cookies smell so good, though. Don't you?

G'night for now.


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Pacco de Mongrel said...

ur cookie looks to lovely....