Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jigsaw puzzles?

Some little kids were running up and down our hall today. Naturally, I told them to be quiet, that this was a business here. But their mom was in with the attorney and they must've gotten bored. I was watching them through the crack in the door. Mom didn't leave it open today. The kids saw me and started making noise at me, so I made noise back at them. It was pretty fun.

Then Mom closed the door all the way. I crawled under her desk and the kids started making MORE noise. So she opened the door to see what was up. "Debbie-across-the-hall", or my Aunt Debbie (if you will), gave them a jigsaw puzzle with really big pieces. They invited me to play and Mom said it was ok, as long as she could see me.

So here's me and two little kids maybe 5 or 6 years old, and a jigsaw puzzle with big colored pieces. Every time I'd pick a piece up, a kid would take it away from me. That's NOT my idea of sharing. So I grabbed one and took it into my office. That'll teach them, you'd think. But NOOOO! They came and got it. Turns out THEY just wanted me to WATCH them have all the fun. But I got my ears and tummy rubbed, which sort of made up for it.

Mom was talking to Sonia about getting me my own jigsaw puzzle, and wondering if I could learn how to put it together. Sonia didn't think so. Mom says we'll find out. So maybe I get a new toy? Ya think??

Love, Mary-Margaret

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