Monday, April 16, 2007

Quickie Sunday Update

The little gray kitty came over to my house to play on Saturday night. I'd already been out and was kicking back watching "Flushed Away", about Reggie St James, a pet rat who lived in Kensington and was a very wealthy family's pet. But he accidently got flushed into the sewers and he got his natty little suit dirty, and met up with a bunch of mean frogs, and fell in love with Rita, the boat captain. Oh...well, here I go again. I do that. Sorry! Back to the kitty.

So here I am, all relaxed on the back of Mom's recliner when I see my new friend. So I start with the "Kitty-in-the-yard" noise and she lets me out. Me and kitty went around the side of the house and just hung out for a bit until it got cold. Then we both went home. I really like having a friend. Really!

Flash news update: Sunday we worked all day until it was almost dark. Then we got home and, guess what? Hmmmm? Here is my bird brother, Kal, sitting on top of the door to Mom's home office. Looks like he got out fairly early in the day because...well, you know...birds sort of leave evidence? And the picture of Mom's grand-mother was hanging all askew.

Kal learned how to open his cage door a long time ago but he hasn't done it for ages. Looks like he locked himself out this time. When he saw Mom he flew over to his "home" and sat on the top so Mom could pick him up with a dish towel. He doesn't like hands, but he will let her hold him with a scarf or a towel. All's well that ends well. He immediately went for seed and water. I hope he learned his lesson this time. Good thing we weren't gone for a week. Whew!

Oh yes...and Grandma called. She really liked the Skunk pictures everly so much. See? I do too. They are so cute.

OK..I'm beat! Long day! G'night and God bless -

"Sister" Mary-Margaret (hee hee...I've been wanting to say that for a long time!)

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