Thursday, April 19, 2007

A very SPECIAL Thursday!

OH MY GOODNESS! My everly best friend from the old Pet Medical Center, Tracy, came by to visit me. Remember her? She's the one that taught me to base jump without a parachute? And she's the one that gave me cuddles and kisses whenever I'd feel lonely and blue? So she came by, and had this nifty gifty bag with her. And she put it on the floor and I pawed at it, and then I put my whole head inside. "Oh!", I said. "For MEEEE??? You shouldn't have!". But I pulled it out and ....EEEEEE! I was EVERLY so excited. It was a red and black World Traveler case with a supper dish and water bowl inside. It matches my car seat. How perfect is that? Tracy is so thoughtful. WOW! I will take it to Pennsylvania next time we go. I can't WAIT!

AND...ta daaaaa!! I finally got my Service uniform today. It's a bit large, but better than it being too tight. It's my favorite color, too. RED....with black trim, and a gold "SERVICE DOG" with a gold caduceus embroidered right in the middle of the back. I feel absolutely so professional when I wear it. Denecia, a lady Mom was talking to, took some pictures with her camera phone. I have to show off my new luggage and my new uniform to you.

Whew! What a wonderful day this was.

Saluting (as a good service pup should do) and clicking my heels together!!

(SIR, yes, SIR!!)

PFC* Mary-Margaret O'Brien

*Puppy First Class

(Mom? Whaddyamean I don't have "heels"?)

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