Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We have DSL!!

Woo hoo...Mom got the DSL connected, no thanks to Verizon and Toshiba, each blaming the other for our inability to connect to the internet. She had a hunch and went by dial-up to the modem maker's website and downloaded a driver. From that point on everything worked out really well. So here we are, writing in my diary and sending you pictures.
First off, here's me waiting to board our airplane. I had the best time ever meeting people from all over in the terminal. I tasted most everyone, too. Such a diverse smorgasbord of humanity, I tell YOUUU!

Once we got to our house we found a "welcoming committee" of one. We thought this was the last groundhog of the "Under the Porch" clan. "Hello...Hello", I said. "It's MEEEEE....Mary-Margaret!" Well, he must have spread the word because later on in the day, two MORE groundhogs made an appearance on the other side of our yard, side by side like a pair of newlyweds. Oh goodness. We hope they don't start planning a family soon. Double-click on the picture for a really good close up.
We went to Wal-Mart in Saint Clair this afternoon. That is the everly most biggest store I've ever seen in my whole life. You want it? They got it. And all the people are so friendly. More tasting to do. I have to say these folks tasted the best of any so far this vacation. We got lots of stuff. In fact we got so much that Mom couldn't even see over the top of the cart. I was squished into a teensy corner of the kiddie seat...puppy seat, if you will...and just about got beaned a couple of times by falling objects. And speaking of "beaned", the roof of our Honda CR-V at home is much higher up than the Kia Sonata or whatever that we're in, so I've been boinked a few times being lifted into my carseat. Not bad, mind you, but definitely something I don't care much for.
Here's one of my favorite places in our new house. This is where the Chipmunk family came by to say "welcome" yesterday morning. Chitter and chatter...I really don't understand chipmunk as well as "cat" or "dog". It's a lot like Chinese is to English. I'm learning, though.

Love you all...


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Sparky said...

Lizzy says those groundhogs look awfully cute, but I, on the other hand, would love to chase them and eat them up!