Sunday, December 24, 2006

Yeah...Yeah...I KNOWWWW!

Sheesh. I didn't think it was all THAT important that I write in my blog every day. I mean, I get maybe one comment if any, so how would I know anybody's even reading my blog? HMMMMMMM???????

Let's see. Yesterday was Saturday and me and Mom decided just to kick back and watch some movies. Today, we're doing laundry. I've been on Cat Watch all morning and took a breather this afternoon. Cuddled up in my kennel (oh I DOOO love my kennel and my soft sherpa pad) and got some nap time in. We had turkey for lunch.

Mom ran errands, and got another new coffee maker that would remember to shut itself off since Mom always forgets with this new one she's got. She's giving her OLD-new coffee maker to Becky, the daughter of her friend, Margie. I don't drink coffee so it doesn't matter to me one way or the other.

She went to the office to check stuff and the people on the second floor asked where I was. Mom told them she gave me the day off. And I deserve it, too, I think. I'll write more probably Tuesday after we get through this Christmas stuff.

You know, I'm starting to remember about last Christmas and Santa? I'll get Mom to take some pictures for you. Every night I wish on my magic tree. You know what I want is homes for all the puppies that don't have their moms anymore. And a warm place for them to sleep, and food for their little pink bellies. I wish everyone had a home like mine. I am very very lucky, you know?

Love, Mary-Margaret


Auntie Dee said...

Hi Mary Margaret..
I read your blog everyday..And love it..
I to wish the same for Christmas and all year long.
Merry Christmas my little friend.
Auntie Dee

Sarabi said...

My Mum and Dad and I read your blog every day too. I'm sorry we don't send you a comment more often, I know we used to. We'll have to get better at it again.
It sounds like you didn't receive my package. I'm really disappointed. Mum mailed it earlier this week. Oh well, it will be something for you to look forward to.
I agree with you entirely about how lucky we are to have such wonderful homes. I am SO loved, sometimes I just can't believed it. We ARE truly blessed and I too wish that more puppies could be as fortunate as us. I think I'll ask Mum and Dad to add that to their prayers for us when they go to midnight Mass tonight.
Mary-Margaret, as this year comes to a close, my Mum, Dad and I want to thank you for all the pleasure your blog has brought us over the past year. There is so much sadness in this world, it is wonderful to have something to read every day that always without fail brings a smile to our faces. You see that is why it is so important for you to write in your blog every day. WE count on you.
Merry Christmas to you and your Mom.
Your friend,

Bond said...

Hi Mary Margaret,

Just to let you know that I read your blog :)

Season Greetings and happy holidays, may 2007 brings you lots of good treats and fun and food :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary Margaret,

I also read your blog too !!!

Season greetings and Happy holidays! May you have a Food-filled 2007 with lots of fun and treats

Gizmo said...

I look forward to reading your blog everyday!!! Have a very merry and safe Christmas.

Anonymous said...

M-M, we just want you to know that we read you all the time ... and even leave comments if Mom can think of something to say. We hope your day is full of love and happiness and we really, really hope your wish would come true.

Merry Christmas
Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Anonymous said...

this is such a cute website,I wish I could look at it all day but I have school and my daycare for 9 HOURS!!!
Mary-Margaret O' Brien is the smallest, cutest pup in the world!(besides uncle Rudy:0)
from the Karotkins and uncle Rudy

Shannon said...

Hey Mary Margaret,
I read your blog usually quite faithfully. Unfortunately my internet access at home is not functioning and so I had to wait until returning to the office to catch up.
I love your diary entries.