Monday, December 11, 2006


I helped Mom clean the birdcage (as you can tell) and you think I got a "thank you"?? Hmmmph! NOT!!

Mom left me at home while she went to the doctors. Then she came back and we went to Miss Cathleen's. I got my little paw-di-cure and belly rub with that nice smelling lotion. Then Miss Cathleen took me for a walk. It's a special thing between just the two of us. We really bond during that time, you know?

My heart be still. The CAT Family is back. I think I've seen maybe two or three of them. Don't know where they were. Maybe on vacation? Anyway..ohmygawsh....I had to practically BEG Mom to let me out. I don't think it's what I said as much as HOW I said it. Finally she got her tush out of her chair and opened the slider. By this time I was almost hysterical with excitement. I positively FLEW out of my private door just in time to catch the white and grey cat sitting there, as everly calm as can be, just licking it's paws. I guess it wasn't expecting to see MEEEE!!!

Oh yeah...and the other thing? (hee hee), I had a bit of gas at the office today. Mom was in her office and Sonia was in hers. I tried to be fair and distribute it evenly. Mom wrinkled her nose and said "Oh yuck. Do you smell that?". And Sonia said "I smelled it earlier but I didn't SEE anything". Mom and Sonia hunted all over but I know it's really better to do that kind of stuff outdoors. You know, where you can make a political statement? They can stop looking. I took care of it at home, privately.

OK..that's it for tonight. I get to go see Dr. V in the morning and get a shot. Oh Yay! Now that's something to look forward to - Dr. V, not the shot.

G'night and God Bless -


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