Monday, December 18, 2006

Breaking news: About "Keepsakes"

We're getting there. Slowly but surely. Tree on stand, but lights and ornaments still in box. They should be on the tree and NOT in a box. I got one out of the box today...bad choice, I found out....and started taking it apart. If you ever see a Santa holding a foil wrapped present and the words "John 1986" on it, do NOT...I repeat, DO NOT unwrap it or eat the face off the Santa. That's something called a "Keepsake". Humans get weird about their "Keepsakes". Whateverrrrrr. I thought maybe there was a squeaky inside and I don't read all that well....yet.

See you later.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Wisteria said...

Hey, Mary Margaret O'Brien.
I thought I had a long fancy name, but you beat me on that one.
I am a little Yorkie mix that lived in Ca, for about a year.
I now live in Tennessee.
Come visit my blog and we can play, we are about the same size.
I'm tagging you with the Christmas blog game.
Come see.
Miss Daisy Mae