Saturday, December 02, 2006

A letter from Sarabi

My dear Best Friend Forever (BFF), Sarabi from Illinois, wrote me today. She sounds so sad. We'd been discussing the virtues of piddle pads vs grass. I mentioned that I go both ways...literally. And don't try to make some stupid human joke out of that. I really do! I go on the grass when it's nice out and on piddle pads when it's nasty, icy cold or otherwise inconvenient. Here's Sarabi's letter to me (I hope she doesn't mind me posting it, but us pups have our problems, too, you know!):

"Well I think it's a bit late to teach 'an old dog new tricks' don't you? (about the piddle pads I mean). Anyway it's been very challenging. When the snow finally ended (leaving us with about 10 inches) the real trouble began. Mum and I went for our usual walk @ 2pm which is when I usually do my 'serious' business. What a disaster! I NEED grass, not a concrete sidewalk. There was no grass to be found and not much concrete either, so I decided not to go at all. Mum was NOT happy, but she's not the one that has to think about squatting in the cold on the hard concrete, now is she?

Dad shovelled a spot for me in the backyard, but to my mind it was only enough for my other business. By 8pm Mum could tell I was bursting at the seems, so she was kind enough to get dressed again (she was already in her pjs) and take me out for another walk. It took me a while, but in the end, I just had to give in and use the concrete. I suppose I will have to go through all of this again today, so think about me, will you?

Your Cold Piddle Padless Pal,

Humans are always making fun of us, acting like we have no cares or problems at all. Well, HELLOOOOOOOO? We do too! A dog's life, indeed!

Love, Mary-Margaret

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