Friday, December 08, 2006

My Own Private Retreat

When I was a baby I didn't want to go into my kennel-cage-fort-retreat-whateverrrr and Mom, Miss Lynne and Miss Lois had to put "bait" in it. Like, I'm NOT stupid. I know somethings up when I find my supper dish in the middle of a wire box. So I pretty much ignored it, figuring it was just one of Mom's whims and it would go away.

Finally, it did go away. When Mom cleaned up the house for company at Thanksgiving she carried my "thing" upstairs and put it in her office under the ironing board. Well....the door was open and it's getting chilly outside. I like to be near my Mom when she's working at home. I sniffed it all over, carefully put in one foot, then the other, and started roughing it up to make a nest. Well, whaddya know? It's cozy, comfy and all mine.

I LOVE it!! Amazing how smart Mom gets as I get older.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE my crate. I'm 8 years old and I still use it. My food dishes hang off the side of it and mom has lots of cushy blankies in there for me and it's soooo soft and comfy. The door has been off for a long time. Mom got tired of bruised shins! It's one of my very favorite spots.