Monday, December 04, 2006

I can smell CHRISTMAS

Christmas has a whole pallet full of smells. Pine, cinnamon, peppermint. Stuff I love. Firewood, cookies, scotch tape. I LOVE Christmas. I've been very VERY good. No way I'm going to tick off a man who drives flying reindeer over my back yard. I had enough of a problem with "presents" left by the cats, and with MY luck.....oh, but I digress. I love to go out and sniff the season. Anyway, I ask to go out. Sometimes nicely, and sometimes I have to bark my head off to get any attention at all. Like tonight...I stood next to Mom's chair and barked. I got ignored. Tried again. Same thing.

Then, I added a little dance, and really used my BIG voice. That worked. She got up and told me "OK...but only if you PROMISE to come in when I call". Yeah, sure...anything. Just let me OUT. So I go and say hello to the neighbors, the cats (if they're still there) and anyone else who will listen. I piddle around for a bit and then come back. I really AM a good pup, but I DON'T like being BOSSED around. REALLY I DON'T. But if someone asks me really nicely with a "please", I'm ok.

Mom says she wants to play bridge so I'm to quit bugging her. It's ok. Been a long day.

G'night all.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Anonymous said...

You sure are cute Mary-Margaret! I love reading your diary. You sound like a VERY busy little girl.