Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Sad Day...Dr. V is Leaving

My everly most FAVORITE doctor in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is leaving Pet Medical Center and tomorrow is her last day. I needed a bordatella (sp?) vaccine booster anyway so Mom made the appointment for this morning. Good gosh, I'm so glad she did. I would be absolutely devastated if I couldn't give her one last goodbye snuggle. She knows exactly how to talk to us pups. Really, she does. (sniff) I managed to keep control but both Dr. V and Mom got all misty-eyed and hugged each other. Me? I try not to think about it and figure if I don't kiss her goodbye she won't go. Not like THAT has ever worked before but one can hope.

I made two new friends - Buttons and Zipper. Pugs. Really nice pups, too. The three of us just sort of visited quietly together like you'd think we were old buddies or something.

Speaking of buddies. I have to say that it should be obvious to anyone who sees my belly as to whether or not I'm a "fella" or a "guy", but still they refer to me in the masculine. Now, if they'd just ask Mom for my name first they'd KNOW. Like, how many fellas or guys do YOU know named "Mary-Margaret O'Brien"?? Hmmm? But even then, one person still had to ask if I was a boy or a girl. Honestly! And to think some might say that humans are more intelligent than dogs? I hardly think so.

We did a lot of running around this morning. My doctor, mom's doctor (but she didn't go in because she still couldn't find a parking place after about 20 minutes), bank, a few services. It's just crazy out there. Too many people. Mom keeps wishing we lived in a small town again. I told her that it's fine with me if she wants to move to Pennsylvania where there are lots of woods and stuff, but she just looks at me as if she doesn't understand a word I'm saying.

Signing off...Good night and God bless..

Mary-Margaret "Pupperkins" O'Brien

PS: Mom calls me Pupperkins when she's feeling especially lovey-dovey toward me. I kind of like it but only in private.

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