Monday, December 25, 2006


Oh Gosh. Thank you, Dee, Gizmo, Bond, BooBoo, Roxie, Sammy, Andy, Sarabi for letting me know that you read my blog. I had no idea you all cared so much. Gee whiz, I guess I better get off my duff (Mom? What's a duff?....shhhhh! I'll tell you later, Mary-Margaret!) and ...sorry, I get off track sometimes....and write more faithfully.
Here's how I spent Christmas Eve mostly. Just trying to sleep so the day will go faster. Christmas Eve, I think, is the absolutely most longest day of the year. Do you think maybe time moves more slowly on that day than on any other? I do!

This is how things look right after Santa comes. My mom took this picture for me because I was sound asleep. I thought maybe I heard sleigh bells, but then, maybe I was just dreaming.

This is what our living room looks like after I've opened all my presents. Yes, I really DO get to open them myself. That's so fun. Mom takes a pressie out from under the tree and puts it on the floor for me. Then I go over and scratch at it until I make a tiny tear in the wrapping. THEN I start pulling until the present comes out. I can even open boxes. Mom says I'm like Houdini-dog when it comes to opening stuff. Well, I get a lot of practice during the year when I open my pouch envelopes. :o)

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