Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today was my SPA day

Miss Marilyn was just what I needed. I got my shampoo, cut and blow dry. AND I got to play with Bello (the standard poodle) and Charlie (the black pug). Charlie is a girl. She's kinda rough, but I can take it. I especially like the massage part. That's my favorite.

Mom's still got her cold. She even called her doctor yesterday and gave him the number to call during the day, and the one to call at night. So guess which one he calls during the day? Hmmmm? He does the same thing today. She says by the time he gets hold of her she'll not need him any more for one reason or the other. I hope it's because she's all better and not the "other" reason. I'd miss her lots, you know.

I didn't throw up once today. Which is good news. Yesterday I did it twice. Sonia cleaned it up once and Mom had to do it the last time. Sonia announced that I had done it, then mentioned it again. So Mom asked her if she was going to take care of it or was Mom supposed to. She said "You can!", so Mom did. Must be Christmas excitement? Don't think I ate anything. Was sucking on a big paper clip for a while, but that's it. Until Mom took it away. (spoilsport!)

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Mary Margaret,
I think you should tell your Mommy that you are just sympathy barfing. You know She's sick so you are gonna be sick with her. Mommy and I hope you both feel better soon.
Paws & Kisses Maggie Rose