Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pressies from my BFF

Wow...what a surprise. I completely forgot that Sarabi was sending me a Christmas present. Er....gosh! It's my most favorite color - PINK! It has elastic that goes under my chin and around my head, and even it has holes for my ears. Don't I look snazzy? Hmmmmmmmmm?

And, I might add, it took me the longest time EVERRRRR to take it off. Even longer than it did for me to take off my new harness and leash. I tell YOUUUU. I'm really good at getting undressed. Almost as good as I am opening packages. :o)

Sarabi also sent me a really nifty Teddy Bear, with absolutely nothing on it that I can bite off or choke on. She's really thoughtful that way, you know. And yes, I enjoyed the tag, too. Everly so much fun to shred. (tee hee)

Thank you SOOOO much to Sarabi and to all my friends for remembering me at Christmas.



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