Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rumblies and Plums!

A couple of days ago my tummy was rumbling SO LOUD that Mom could hear me from the other room. She kept shoving me out my personal door (some call it a "doggy door") thinking maybe I had something inside that had to come out. Nada...nothing...phooey! And I'd hop back in after checking out the grass under the plum tree.

I LOVE the grass under the plum tree. It's soft, and green and shady. And when plums fall from the tree I like to push them around with my nose, kiss them, or take a bite out of them or...........?? It was awfully hard for Mom to see them from the house because they're still partly green and blend into the background pretty well.

Why is it that the things we love the best turn out to be bad for us? Mom saw me playing with a plum and yelled at me. "NOOOO!, Mary-Margaret! You leave those alone!". Well, good gosh! Why?

Mom "googled" plums and dogs for me. Well, HAH! The fleshy part that I love is ok, but I'm not supposed to eat the pits. Not that I would, mind you. But the fleshy part also causes some diarrhea which is consistent with my "rumblies". (I'm just repeating what I was told...personally I would have said "Here's the scoop on the poop!)

PLUMS are NOT my friend!!

Yours truly,


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Amalia said...

Hello Gorgeous!

So sorry to learn that you had tummy problems :-(
That is never fun.
Happy to know that your Mommy figured it out what caused you the discomfort.
She sounds a lot like my Mommy; always google-ing for information. She did the same thing when my Sis. was in her mushroom eating phase from our backyard.
Also she gives us probiotics if our tummies are in trouble.

Totally agree with you on the stuff that tastes so good is usually bad for you :-(
I'm quite the explorer in my backyard so my parents always keep a very close eye on me...
No privacy whatsoever :-(
Maybe when I outgrow the "baby" stage I'll get more respect.

BTW I turn 1 towards the end of July :-)
My Mommy said that I might get my own blog if I continue to be a good boy.
I'm putting together the birthday wish list and I asked my Daddy how you spell Ferrari... He said that I have very expensive taste and I should get a job for that ;-)
Oh well! You gotta try :-)))

Got to run, I got a new chewy to work on.

Love to you,
Neeko <3