Sunday, June 27, 2010

Play Day at Miss Marilyn's

As soon as Mom said we were going to Miss Marilyn's for my spa day, I was READY!! We got out of the car and my feet were already moving. "Put me down!", I said. We went in through the gate and opened the door. Now I was really squirming to get down. I see my very good friends, Madison (Yorkette) and Chelsea & Zac (two Maltese kids) there. This is great. PLAY TIME!!

Finally my feet hit the floor and I am so gone like a shot. PLAY PLAY PLAY. I don't even say good-bye to Mom. I hear her from the door saying "Good bye, Mary-Margaret. I LOVE you!". Yeah yeah (I say), now let's get some serious games going here. I am in my element and ready to boogie.

By the time I got picked up about 5 hours later our play group had grown. There were Lyla and Kokomo (miniature Schnauzers), and Bailey, Skippy and Oliver (Shih Tzus). Most everyone was tethered to their own spot except for me and Madison. I think that's probably because we are fast on our feet and Miss Marilyn doesn't trip over us.

Here's what I looked like after my spa treatment:

Can you see the pretty silver star in the middle of my bow? It sparkles when the light catches it just so. I am very sorry to say that sometime last night my star fell off, probably in bed. We're changing sheets today which is a good thing so my mom doesn't roll over onto one of the pointy edges in the middle of the night. Yow!

Today we are just hanging out doing some laundry and housework. We went to the office yesterday for a few hours so that's all done with for the weekend.

Everly yours with love,


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