Friday, June 04, 2010

R.I.P. little Mia!

My new friend from the office next door passed suddenly last Friday. She'd been coughing and sneezing and the vets misdiagnosed her. She'd had her distemper shot but that's what took her down. Distemper. Who'd have thought?


Her dad, Hector, said she died in his arms. Poor little baby was only maybe four months old. This makes me very, VERY sad. And poor Hector. He just lost Zeus (the Weimaraner) a couple of months ago, and he got Mia from a rescue place to honor Zeus' memory.

HERE'S A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF ZEUS (see below). He was my very good friend, too, and a very handsome dog, don't you think? I was just a baby back then, and Zeus was one of my very first friends. We were pretty tight until he accidently stepped on me. Then we were still close friends, but more from a distance where it was safer. I still sniff his favorite bushes outside the office to remember him by.

God bless Zeus and Mia. See you at the bridge someday.



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BrightAsDay said...

the dog photos are adorable :) i was happy to pass by and see a yorkie! sorry to read what happened to mia :( .. take care!