Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day and Mom's "Reunion"

Father's Day at Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet's house was fun and yummy, same as last year. And, FYI to Jackie and Hayley, Pirate's Booty (white cheese puffs) do NOT give pups gas! I'll write more on this later and post some pictures, but right now Mom is trying to get ready for work and keeps telling me to get off the computer.


Speaking of Mom, yesterday we went to her friend's house for a lot of remembering and a little lunch. Mom, Victoria, Lynn and Joan were all talking about events and people they knew from high school (Class of Winter 1962) and junior high school (Winter 1959). I tell YOUUUUU!!! Nothing compares to hearing four old ladies singing "Revere Junior High School...we gather to sing your praise!" (etc) They remembered all the words and the melody to their Junior High Alma Mater, but only the melody and a few words to their University High School one. Go figure, huh?

I sniffed, explored, and again attempted to be courteous by leaving a bit of scent on what turned out to be a rather expensive white natural fiber rug (I didn't recognize the animal it came from). Mom scowled at me, and Victoria suggested I be "put outside", which to me is like being banished from civilization. Can't humans just understand I was being polite? And thoughtful? And it did bead right up and you couldn't even see where it was after it got "blotted". Banished AND blotted! I am crushed. (sigh)

Outside I discovered a whole lot of new scents. Opossum, raccoon, skunk and chihuahua (Daisy belongs to Victoria's bookkeeper, Eleanor ...or is it Evelyn?), along with just a whiff of homeless lady (I was told she was found sleeping on Victoria's patio not too long ago). Victoria (who Mom keeps accidently calling "Vickie" like she did 50 years ago) lives in the nicest part of Pacific Palisades over looking a canyon and some ocean, so that bag lady must have really had to do some hiking to get up there. Probably just passed out from exhaustion, maybe?

OK...coffee is ready and Mom really needs to wake up.

I'll put some other stuff on later, ok?

Love, Mary-Margaret

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