Sunday, June 27, 2010

PS about Sunday

I had the same thing Winnie the Pooh had, i.e., "Rumblies in my Tumblie". A lot of noise...gurgles, whistles and rumblies. Mom kept tossing me out of my little doggie door telling me to go do my business. What business? (I asked) I really don't have any business to do, and I don't know how come I'm making so much noise. Whatever it is, it's LOUD! I even ate my dinner, thinking maybe I was just hungry, but no...that wasn't it. Not to worry. My twist on Newton's Theory is that what goes in will come out. Yup. Works for me.

I have a bit of razor burn where my "privates" are. Very uncomfortable until we bought the spray on stuff at my special store. It's got some antiseptic and some pain killer stuff in it and a few squirts every so often makes me forget it's even there. Stuff happens and I am surrounded by people who would never purposely do me any harm at all.

My stylist loves me, not like my OLD stylist who kept cutting the top of my scalp with her metal comb and then would hide the bloody mess under a cute little bow. Mom came unglued which is why I don't go there any more. Some people are just plain stupid and shouldn't be allowed to be around fur babies.

Mom decided to do her own hair today. This is how it came out.

See? Highlights are good; color is good. Not perfect and dontcha just love that big old eyeball? Sort of matches her hair, I think.

So much for our Sunday chores...



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Anonymous said...

I am so glad our Mommas care so much about us not to take us back to so called animal hoo-mans who are not what they seem.
Your Mommas hair looks lovely so my Mom says and as for gurgly tums I get that all the time it even wakes me up now and then it is so loud.