Thursday, June 17, 2010

"THE" Mary-Margaret!

We left for work early this morning. Lots to do...lots to do!! We are sort of behind in our billing. Mom says it's like surfing paper waves, trying to stay on top of things.

We get to the corner where the light is and Mom goes "Doggie doggie doggie!". You know that game we play? So I look over and here's this little Maltese that looks a little familiar. I think that's my friend Lizzie. We slow down to a stop and roll down the window.

Me and Lizzie say "Arf!" and rub noses. Mom says "Hello!" to Lizzie's mom and they start talking and exchanging names. When Mom says "And this is Mary-Margaret!", the lady goes "Whoa....not "THE" Mary-Margaret!". "Um....well, yes!", says Mom. "How do you know Mary-Margaret? From the store?".

"No no", says the lady. "From Marilyn!". Well, I could have told them that if they'd asked but they seemed like they were having fun yakking. And also she has a friend who reads my diary who told her about me. Lizzie and I just rolled our eyes at each other, happy that now maybe our appointments with our personal stylist, Marilyn, will be made on the same day. We're both everly such good friends with Madison, too. We will have a party!

This is a good time to mention that Maltese girls look very nice with short hair, too. Lizzie says she gets hers done every six weeks; I go every four. Small world, huh?


Mary-Margaret "THE MARY-MARGARET" O'Brien

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Kirby said...

Hi Mary-Margaret, what a cool life you have! My mom and I enjoy reading your blog, stop by and check mine out sometime. I'm new here so stop by and say hi!