Friday, June 11, 2010

Going Home Itinerary!

When we are really finally at last going home, we step into the hallway and lock the door. Then usually we stop at the ladies' room, take care of business and then walk down the hall to the elevator.

Yesterday, Mom got all the way to the elevator and realized something was missing. MEEEEE!

OK...I followed the procedure. Here I am in the alcove where the Ladies' Room is.

You SURE you don't want to stop here first (I ask)?

EGADS!!! Yikes! Somebody was in the MEN'S room and I think we scared each other half to death. I tried to settle him down by making nice and kissing his hand. I sure hope he washed first.

OK..back to the schedule and I am now waiting for the elevator to come up to our floor. Silly Mom always says "Push the button, Mary-Margaret!". I'm maybe ..what?...16 inches tall? As if....!

Until tomorrow, have a great weekend.

Everly yours....

Mary-Margaret "The Lurker" O'Brien

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