Thursday, July 01, 2010

Doggie Dental

Dr. Dan from DOGGIE DENTAL (I call him that, but he's really my personal dental hygienist), is setting up for my teeth cleaning. He comes to our office because he knows I'm a very busy professional pup, being the "Spokes Model" for a professional process server and private investigative firm called Rancho Attorney Service of California (RASCAL) in Temecula, CA.

He wraps me up in a fluffy white towel ("like a burrito") with just my head sticking out and he asks Mom to close the door to our work room so I absolutely know I have no place to run to. Truth is, though, I don't even want to run. He's very gentle and I kind of like being held and taken care of like this. I'm not the least bit afraid at all. Shucks, I know he won't hurt me. Even cats like him, you know. (I should probably mention that those boxes are NOT part of the DOGGIE DENTAL, procedure - my mom is a pack rat!)

Here I am, all minty fresh and smiling. I am so happy that I don't even stop smiling for a long time. This makes my mom crazy because I won't hold still for a picture. I just want everybody to see my sparkly white smile.

I love my "Dr. Dan" so much. Before he leaves, I tell him "Thank you!" and give him a kiss. He says that I don't have any loose teeth, my gums are in great shape and I don't need to have my teeth done for another year. Well, that's kind of sad. I rather enjoyed the whole thing.

If you'd like to call DOGGIE DENTAL, they're at 951-609-0500. They will either come to you or you can go to their "clinic" that they have in Murrieta a couple of times a month.

I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, and so is my mom. DOGGIE DENTAL, costs about 1/3 to 1/2 what the long procedure with anesthetic costs.

Mmmmmmmmmmm! I just love to run my tongue over my sparkly, satiny, minty squeaky clean teeth!

Mary-Margaret "Spokes Model" O'Brien


Sparky said...


Oooh, I bet your smile is just SPARKLIN' BEAUTIFUL.


Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous!

It sure looks like you enjoyed Dr. Dan cleaning your teeth. I'll have my Mommy look into this too good to be true procedure.

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

Love to you,
Neeko <3

Dozer and Coop said...

You look wonderful dahling! Sounds like a great deal to have your teeth done without anesthetic!

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper